QC Related

NanoDrop™ One
The NanoDrop One is a compact, stand-alone UV-Visible spectrophotometer developed for micro-volume analysis of a wide variety of analytes. The patented sample retention system enables the measurement of highly concentrated samples without the need for dilutions. The NanoDrop One system comes with preloaded software and a touchscreen display. NanoDrop One PC Control software can be installed on a local PC and used to control the instrument and view data. The instrument can be connected to an optional printer with a USB cable or to a remote printer through an Ethernet connection or wireless network.
Fluorometric Quantitation: Qubit 4 & Qubit Flex
The Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer is designed to quickly and specifically quantitate DNA or RNA. In addition, with the newest version of the Qubit Fluorometer, we can now easily measure RNA integrity and quality. It is easier than ever to find out for sure if you have enough DNA or RNA for your experiment.
Femto Pulse
The Femto Pulse System is a remarkably flexible instrument. Quantify, qualify, and size DNA and RNA samples with unstoppable accuracy and precision. Perfect for low concentration and/or large size nucleic acid samples, the Femto Pulse easily analyzes diverse sample types including: cfDNA, total RNA, genomic DNA, large fragment DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), and more.
Using a pulsed-field power supply, the Femto Pulse is the first ever parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument able to resolve DNA smears and DNA fragments through 200,000 bp. A meticulously designed optical detection platform enables unprecedented sensitivity, detecting nucleic acids into the lower femtogram range.
Fragment Analyzer
The Fragment Analyzer is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument designed to eliminate laboratory bottlenecks caused by slow and unreliable QC analysis of nucleic acids. These bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection. After separations are complete, nucleic acid fragment analysis is simplified with ProSize Data Analysis Software. Together, the Fragment Analyzer and ProSize offer researchers the ability to quickly and reliably QC their samples and move on to downstream applications sooner.
Nanodrop 1000
The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop™ 1000 Spectrophotometer measures 1 ul samples with high accuracy and reproducibility. The full spectrum (220nm-750nm) spectrophotometer utilizes a patented sample retention technology that employs surface tension alone to hold the sample in place. This eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and other sample containment devices and allows for clean up in seconds. In addition, the NanoDrop 1000 Spectrophotometer has the capability to measure highly concentrated samples without dilution (50X higher concentration than the samples measured by a standard cuvette spectrophotometer).
LightCycler 480
The LightCycler® 480 System is a high-performance, medium- to high-throughput PCR platform (96- or 384-well plates) that provides various methods for gene detection, gene expression analysis, genetic variation analysis, and array data validation. The system features the LightCycler® 480 Instrument, a versatile, plate-based real-time PCR device that supports mono- or multicolor applications, as well as multiplex protocols.