Our New GridION Is Up And Running

Our New GridION Is Up And Running

Dear Professors,

We now offer Nanopore sequencing as a service with GridION Mk1, which allows a flexible seq run and analysis up to five individual flow cells. The average sequence data yields can vary widely and will mostly depend on the sample properties, while the current chemistry and software release enables to generate as much as 150 Gb of data output during a single GridION Mk1 run (30 Gb per cell).

The nanopore sequencing offers high-throughput long-read sequencing of both DNA and RNA samples, and also provides real-time data analysis. To learn more about the technology, please visit https://nanoporetech.com/how-it-works

Please kindly contact us if you are interested, and welcome to help spread the news!


NGS High Throughput Genomics Core

Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica

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