Oxford Nanopore System

Effective Date: 2024.05.01
Update: 2024.04.30

ONT Library Prep Services

Fees of sample QC test would be additionally charged depending on services.

ONT Library Prep ServicesAcademyIndustry
(N-D109)ONT Genomic DNA Lib Prep (for GridION)6,6008,250
(N-D114)ONT Genomic DNA Lib Prep (for PromethION)6,6008,250
(N-R)ONT Direct RNA Lib Prep6,6008,250

GridION Sequencing Services

   (GridION094)  *買一送一 (Buy 1 get 1 free)*   
   (GridION104)  *買一送一 (Buy 1 get 1 free)*   

GridION Sequencing ServicesAcademyIndustry
(GridION094)GridION (MinION R9.4)39,70049,630
(GridION104)GridION (MinION R10.4)39,70049,630
(GridION-P)PromethION P2 Solo (PromethION R10.4)55,40069,250