PacBio System

Effective Date: 2024.05.01

PacBio Sequel Library Prep Services

Fees of sample QC test would be additionally charged depending on services.

Service Items (SPK3.0)AcademyIndustry
(P-BEL)SMRTbell Prep8,10010,130
(P-MAS)MAS Prep23,80029,750
Amplicon SequencingAcademyIndustry
(P-A)Full-length 16S Amplicon Prep (1-step PCR)1,2001,500
(P-Bx)Barcoded Amplicon Prep (2nd PCR)1,4001,750
(P-By)Barcoded Amplicon Prep (2-steps PCR)2,0002,500
(P-C)Plasmid/Amplicon DNA SMRTbell Lib Prep (Barcoded Adapter Ligation)8,10010,130
Whole Genome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(P-D)Ultra Low-input DNA HiFi SMRTbell Lib Prep (Gel-plus 8-15KB)26,60033,250
(P-G)Genomic DNA SMRTbell Prep, CLR (10-100KB)12,90016,130
(P-H)Genomic DNA SMRTbell Prep, HiFi (5-50KB)12,50015,630


RNA Iso-SeqAcademyIndustry
(P-I)RNA Iso-Seq SMRTbell Prep10,00012,500
(P-Ix)Multiplexed RNA Iso-Seq Prep5,0006,250
(P-Jx)Multiplexed RNA FLEP-Seq Prep8,30010,380

(P-M)MAS-Seq SMRTbell Prep for FL16S1,2001,500
(P-Nh)MAS-Seq SMRTbell Prep for Bulk Iso-Seq (homebrew)22,20027,750
(P-Nk)MAS-Seq SMRTbell Prep for Bulk Iso-Seq (Kinnex)10,80013,500
(P-MSC)MAS-Seq SMRTbell Prep for 10X Single Cell26,10032,630
(P-MVG)MAS-Seq SMRTbell Prep for 10X Visium26,10032,630

#More about MAS-Seq: Kinnex full-length RNA kit, Kinnex 16S rRNA kit, Kinnex single-cell RNA kit.