NGS Sequencing Service Policy

Sample Requirement

Please check on NGS Sample Preparation Guide (download) to ensure that your samples meet our requirement and be well-packaged. NGS core facility reserves the right to determine whether the unqualified sample can proceed to the library preparation.

Additional fees would be charged if there are any needs to re-prep library or do extra experiments requested by the user due to sample issues. The final service charge will be re-calculated depending on real experiment cost.

Sample Submission

As a part of our standard service procedure (see Service Flow), please email to Dr. Mei-Yeh Lu the NGS Application Form (Illumina or PacBio) and the Sample Submission Form prior to the actual submission for visual quality inspection. Please kindly include PI in all communicating emails, allowing PI to be updated timely on the project status and information.

All sample drop-offs should accompany appropriate forms signed by PI for project approval, and please contact Dr. Lu to make an appointment in advanced before you bring your samples to the NGS core facility. For contact information, please visit our website Contact & Location.

Acknowledgement & Authorship

We appreciate your support if you mention NGS core facility in the acknowledgement section when the data using our sequencing services is published. You may add a sentence like this:

We thank the High Throughput Sequencing Core hosted in the Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica for performing the NGS experiments. The core facility is funded by Academia Sinica Core Facility and Innovative Instrument Project (AS-CFII-108-114).

If there are substantial contributions from NGS core facility in your research, including intellectual input, data analysis and interpretation, or special experiment design, it might be appropriate to involve core members in the list of authorship.

Please kindly share your publications on here in case we miss it. Thank you.