Illumina System

Effective Date: 2024.05.01

Illumina Library Prep Services

Fees of sample QC test would be additionally charged depending on services.

Whole Genome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-Ca)Shotgun Paired-End DNA Lib Prep, Gel-free4,2005,250
(S-Cb)Shotgun Paired-End DNA Lib Prep, Gel-plus7,5009,380
(S-D)Shotgun Long Insert Paired-End DNA Lib Prep, Gel-plus7,8009,750
(S-R)Nextera Paired-End DNA Lib Prep3,9004,880
3D Genome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-Ha)Hi-C DNA Lib Prep (ARIMA)21,50026,880
(S-Hc)Hi-C DNA Lib Prep (Phase Genomics)22,20027,750
(S-Hd)Micro-C DNA Lib Prep (Dovetail)27,50034,380
(S-He)HiChiP DNA Lib Prep (Dovetail)29,00036,250
(S-Hf)Omni-C DNA Lib Prep (Dovetail)27,50034,380
Whole Exome Sequencing
Target Enrichment
(S-X)Human Whole Exome Capture12,00015,000
(S-Y)Target Panel Capture (Customized Prep)InquiryInquiry
Metagenome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-P)Nextera Indexing PCR (2nd Step PCR)1,0001,250
(S-Q)16S Amplicon-seq (V3-V4) Lib Prep1,3001,630
Epigenome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-B)(Bisulfite Seq) DNA Methylation Lib Prep6,3007,880
(S-I)(ChIP-Seq) ChIP DNA Lib Prep5,8007,250
(S-Ja)(DAP-Seq) Genomic DNA Lib Prep for TF Binding3,5004,380
(S-Jb)(DAP-Seq) Indexing PCR2,0002,500
Whole Transcriptome SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-Sa)Stranded RNA Lib Prep, Poly-A4,9006,130
(S-Ta)Stranded RNA Lib Prep, Ribo-zero7,1008,880
(S-Tb)Low-input Stranded RNA Lib Prep, Ribo-zero (Mammalian Only)6,8008,500
(S-U)Ultra Low-input RNA Lib Prep, Poly-A (Non-stranded)6,2007,750
Small RNA SequencingAcademyIndustry
(S-E)Small RNA Lib Prep (miRNA)9,40011,750
(S-G)Degradome Lib Prep (PARE)16,00020,000
Ready-to-Seq LibraryAcademyIndustry
(S-L)Ready-to-Seq LibrarySee Sample QC (Qubit & Size check)