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PacBio – Sequel

With SMRT (Single Molecule Real-Time) technology, PacBio Sequel enables the real-time detection of DNA synthesis, which is done by incorporation of phospholinked nucleotides, and allows DNA polymerase to complete natural process of elongation. The events of DNA synthesis occurs in the bottom of ZMWs (zero-mode waveguides), allowing the illumination to be identified from background noises such as unincorporated free nucleotides.

PacBio Sequel system provides long-read sequencing, which facilitates assemblies of difficult genomic regions. It also offers benefits such as uniform coverage and high consensus accuracy, and becomes a powerful technology for high quality de novo genome study, full-length transcriptome investigation, haplotype phasing, and long length amplicon research.

Illumina – HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq

Our current models include two HiSeq 2500 and one MiSeq sequencers. Sequencing can be single-end (SR) or paired-end (PE) format. Read length can be defined according to the length most suitable to the desired application.