About NGS Core

About Sequencing

Genome is the basis of all living creatures throughout evolution. Using massive parallel sequencing, NGS can generate huge amounts of data efficiently at low unit cost. We operate several major NGS platforms – Roche 454 GS+, Illumina (2nd-Gen high-output, short-read sequencing) and PacBio (3rd-Gen long-read single molecule sequencing). These platforms have their best-suited applications, and can also be customized complimentarily for each project’s unique needs.

Establishment of the BRC NGS Core Facility

Our NGS Genomics core lab was established at Biodiversity Research Center in 2008 as a project-based research core facility while also accept other requests. In 2013 we were promoted to the representative NGS Core for Academia Sinica through competition, and began campus-wide NGS service since 2014.

We have operated all major NGS platforms, including Roche 454 GS+, Illumina GA IIx, and HiSeq2500, and added PacBio Sequel system in late 2016. In addition to popular NGS applications, we have also enabled many specialized applications, including R&D for protocol customization and development to meet the diversified and peculiar needs for various genome/transcriptome projects.

We are housed in the Interdisciplinary Building of Academia Sinica. Our core has won “Excellent Performance Core” in 2015, 2016, and 2017 for high quality NGS service.