Oxford Nanopore System

Effective Date: 2022.4.1

Special Offers! An Extra 10% Discount on All NGS Services for Users Paying by AS Intramural Funding!

ONT Library Prep Services

Fees of sample QC test would be additionally charged depending on services.

Service ItemCharge (NTD)
per Prep
AS Intramural
(N-D)ONT Genomic DNA Lib Prep13,70012,330
(N-R)ONT Direct RNA Lib Prep11,50010,350

GridION Sequencing Services

Service ItemCharge (NTD)
per Flowcell
AS Intramural
(GridION)GridION Sequencing47,20042,480
(GridION-p10)GridION Sequencing
(limited promotion for R10.3 cell)